back in the states

I’m back from my travels to Europe. I was sent by Wayne State’s Jazz Studies Department to document the city of Turin, Italy for the Detroit-Torino Urban Jazz Project. What an amazing experience! Images from Turin and more on the project will be featured in a future post. That translates to: I’m still digging through the thousands of images I took in Turin. Here’s a preview, a portrait of Antonio Grimaldi, who gave me and my Italian photographer friend Piero Ottaviano a tour of the Mole Antonelliana, Turin’s major landmark. Antonio took us into the substructure of the dome and up above the observation platform into the seemingly endless spiral stairway inside the narrow pinnacle of this incredible structure.

While in Europe, I took a side trip to Paris to visit Florent Tillon, the documentary filmmaker who had recently returned to France after making a feature documentary in Detroit (which, amazingly enough, I will be appearing in). He gave me the grand tour of the city’s various industrial districts, tourist spots, suburbs, and subway system. But the highlight was when we went to Luxembourg with a couple friends to see Terre Rouge, the huge industrial complex on the Luxembourg-France border.

Recently, my work was featured in the part one of a two-part essay called “Editors and Image-Makers: On Photographing Detroit” by Colleen Hill. Thanks for the press Colleen!

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