appearance on WDET 101.9FM’s “Detroit Today”

On September 2 I was featured on a radio panel about photography & Detroit on 101.9FM WDET’s “Detroit Today”. I spoke with a couple other photographers, Steve Perez from the Detroit News and Sean Galbraith of Toronto, Canada. Producer John Notarianni was inspired to do the segment after reading Colleen Hill’s essay “Editors and Imagemakers: On Photographing Detroit”. Lots of interesting stuff discussed about Detroit & how each of us, in our own way, try to photograph the city “truthfully”. Still leaves a lot of room for debate and I know I didn’t get to say everything I wanted, but that’s radio and it was awesome being on the show! Thanks Craig Fahle & John for having me on the show, and to Steve & Sean for a fun & enlightening conversation!

Listen to the segment below. Total runtime is 21 minutes, 10 seconds.


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