film incentives 2015 – my letter to lawmakers

Recently, the Michigan legislature is once again attempting to destroy the film incentives that have kept me and thousands of others here in Michigan, earned us a good living, and has brought heaps of good press and publicity to a state that is usually the butt end of jokes. Take a look, I urge you […]

geoff’s favorite films

I have seen lots of movies, some 1500 films from many eras and genres. When people ask me what my favorite film is, it’s not an easy answer. I have a group of 30 or so exceptional films that I think represent a wide range of film subjects and styles, and often they change with […]

a big update

Hey everyone. Well I’ve been away for a while. Here is a quick rundown to keep you all updated with my life… I am sure you’re all DYING to know… Over the Spring I worked on a great indie horror/sci-fi/comic book flick called SUCKER, directed by Mike Manasseri with cinematography by the amazingly talented Deka […]

troubled assets

Troubled Assets is a photo series that documents the abundance of repurposed bank buildings in Detroit, Michigan. The dominance of these buildings, and the bold architecture they employed, was a testament to Detroit’s wealth. Today, many of these historic structures still stand — no longer as banks, but rather as churches, hair salons, nightclubs, pawn shops, and day cares; others are abandoned, for sale, for lease, or status unknown.

Theatre Bizarre: only in Detroit

The concept is simple enough. You enter the home of a fictional serial killer only to find yourself transported into the killer’s own twisted nightmare: a bizarre fantasy circus world from an unplaceable era and dimension. This translates roughly into the most outrageous and brilliantly-executed Halloween party in the United States, possibly the world. And it could only happen in Detroit, where artists have acquired a block of abandoned and vacated homes and transformed them into this nightmare world.