troubled assets

Troubled Assets is a photo series that documents the abundance of repurposed bank buildings in Detroit, Michigan. The dominance of these buildings, and the bold architecture they employed, was a testament to Detroit’s wealth. Today, many of these historic structures still stand — no longer as banks, but rather as churches, hair salons, nightclubs, pawn shops, and day cares; others are abandoned, for sale, for lease, or status unknown.

Theatre Bizarre: only in Detroit

The concept is simple enough. You enter the home of a fictional serial killer only to find yourself transported into the killer’s own twisted nightmare: a bizarre fantasy circus world from an unplaceable era and dimension. This translates roughly into the most outrageous and brilliantly-executed Halloween party in the United States, possibly the world. And it could only happen in Detroit, where artists have acquired a block of abandoned and vacated homes and transformed them into this nightmare world.

appearance on WDET 101.9FM’s “Detroit Today”

On September 2 I was featured on a radio panel about photography & Detroit on 101.9FM WDET’s “Detroit Today”. I spoke with a couple other photographers, Steve Perez from the Detroit News and Sean Galbraith of Toronto, Canada. Producer John Notarianni was inspired to do the segment after reading Colleen Hill’s essay “Editors and Imagemakers: […]


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